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November 1, 2013   New Frequently Asked Questions


October 11, 2013    New Booklet Available

Please see to get the new booklet,

Charles Manson - Crime, Courts, and Media | Collected Quotes Throughout the Years

Manson speaks on the subject of the crimes, court, and media that made him famous in 1969.  This booklet was put together for the purpose of showing the reality of who Manson is, as opposed to the popular media slander and sensationalism.

12 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inch booklet, front and back color cover



October 7, 2013    New Manson Art Print

Donate $25 ($35 international) or more to the Charles Manson Legal Trust to receive this high-quality 11x17 inch art print - copy of original art by Charles Manson.  Donations can be made online or by mail with check or money order.  Please see the CMLT page for more information.



September 27, 2013

The Charles Manson Legal Trust is now accepting online donations - click here for more information


September 23, 2013



Charlie and Star, this weekend



September 9, 2013   

2 more albums available now at

Charles Manson - Horsefly - 7" Vinyl

Charles Manson - Just Fucking Around - 12" Vinyl (hard to find)


August 18, 2013


Charlie and Star, this weekend

The Case section (above) of is currently under construction, so check it out for new additions. 

Some of the new updates include PDF view and download links for The Vince Bugliosi Story and Crucified: The Railroading of Charles Manson


July 28, 2013








July 23, 2013

Charles Manson - The Order of ATWA - Air Trees Water Animals

New video on youtube features phone recording of the April 15 2013 transcript.


July 21, 2013

On the night of July 16th, Charlie was asleep when he fell off the bunk and hit his head above his right eye, resulting in two black eyes.  There have been several false rumors circulating that an inmate hit him, cops hit him, or that he had a seizure, etc.  Star visited with him this weekend, and she confirms that he is doing fine, despite the rather dramatic looking black eyes.  She also confirms that there was no foul play involved.  He was examined by medical staff the next morning and spent the day being monitored in the hospital. Charlie was cleared by his doctors to return to his unit and is showing no further symptoms of injury.  

Charlie says that the doctors treated him professionally - “The doctor, was number one, his name was Dr. Jin Yu.  He’s a Chinese doctor, he’s a true doctor, very good, efficient expert. I’d say he did a good job with the situation and handled it perfectly.  The other doctor, is a soldier doctor, Dr. Gill.  His word is his bond, he’s a good man.  His techniques were very professional and he’s a tremendous doctor.”






July 8, 2013    New Photos



 Charlie and Star in the visiting room



July 5, 2013

New recording up on youtube - click here to listen



July 3, 2013

The restricted status of "no contact visits" for Charles Manson has been lifted by CSP-Corcoran administration.  Mr. Manson's visiting privileges have been restored in full as of June 29, 2013.



June 7, 2013    ATWA Website Launches Today

The ATWA non-profit environmental organization presents

The website features new projects and volunteer opportunities.  It will be updated frequently as ATWA continues to grow, develop existing programs, and add more interactive projects.

April 23, 2013

Yesterday, participated in the internet blackout which was organized to raise awareness about internet freedom and privacy.  Click here to view the blackout page for more information about this issue.



-- Update April 13, 2013 -- Charlie's visiting status has been restricted to one hour behind glass "until further notice".

-- Update, April 4, 2013 -- According to prison officials, Charles Manson's visiting status has been updated.  The temporary visiting suspension has been lifted.  More details soon.

March 31, 2013   

This weekend, prison officials have informed us that Mr. Manson's visiting privileges have been suspended “until further notice”.  According to staff at the visiting entrance, the suspension order was issued by the warden's office.  

An officer informed Star that the temporary suspension was due to a pending investigation.  At this time we do not have any solid indication as to how long it may continue.


March 27, 2013    "Charles Manson has no followers..."

Charles Manson has no followers, he will not allow it.  He has lots of friends and thousands of supporters, but there is no such thing as a Manson follower.  ATWA is the reason, ATWA is the love we reflect.  Hold your breath for three minutes, then tell me what you want most in life.  If we can’t redeem our Air, Trees, and Water, we don’t exist.

-       Gray Wolf, March 27, 2013


I’ve been Mansons’ friend for about 10 years now.  I am not a “follower”.  There are no followers.   That concept is a lie and a myth.  In addition to Charlie, I know some people who were with him in the ‘60s and ‘70s.  They weren’t allowed to testify for the defense during the trial, and their side of the story was covered up in court and by the media.  Back then, there were a few loyal friends and a bunch of other people hanging around, coming and going at all times.  They left when they wanted to, and came back when they wanted to.  They were not deprived and brainwashed with drugs.  Everyone did what they wanted to do.

-          Star, March 27, 2013


Life: What was the Manson Family?
Manson: The D.A. put the word “family” on it to make me a leader and bring me into the conspiracy. They’ve never really been my family or my followers. We were together in a dream, man.

  • Life Magazine March, 1987 interview


More quotes about "followers" here


March 25, 2013

Charles Manson's friend and regular visitor, Gray Wolf, was detained Sunday morning at 11:00 am, March 24, 2013, on the public side of the Level 4 visitation entrance, Corcoran State Prison, Corcoran, CA.  Preliminary charges by the prison against Gray Wolf are listed as possession of an “illegal communication device”, and two additional variations of the same offense. 

Manson’s close friend, Star, was sitting with Charlie at a table in the PHU visiting room at the time of Gray Wolf’s detainment.  Within minutes, visiting Sergeant Fritz entered the room and accosted Star at the table, demanding that she stand, put her hands behind her back, and submit to being handcuffed.  Star asked the Sergeant what was going on, but he refused to answer.  Star stood and complied with the Sergeants orders and was handcuffed.  A female officer, accompanying Sergeant Fritz, held Star by the arms as they escorted her from the room, through the crowded Level 4 public waiting area, and on to a prison shuttle bus. 

Meanwhile, Charles Manson was searched and then escorted to a holding cell.  His personal cell was searched by prison staff, and he was returned to his cell later in the afternoon.

Gray Wolf and Star were detained separately and held for questioning and search for approximately 5 hours by staff of the prisons’ Investigative Services Unit (ISU). 

Both Star and Gray Wolf were subjected to a personal security search (strip-search).  Both gave ISU staff permission to search their personal vehicles.  All searches were negative for contraband.


Star refused to answer questions by ISU staff, referring them to her ID for personal information.  Star was released at about 4:30 pm with no changes to her prison-authorized visiting status.

Gray Wolf was apprised of the charges against him, his “Miranda” rights were read to him, and he subsequently asked for counsel to be present.  ISU staff then declined to question him at that time.  Gray Wolf was transported from the prison by ISU staff.  He was booked and released on a $30,000 bond from the nearby county jail.  Gray Wolf’s first court appearance is currently set for late April, 2013.






February 18, 2013



February 12, 2013

In case you missed it - Charles Manson 2011 interview with Nug Magazine is now featured in the "Interviews" section of this site.


January 29, 2013

See more new pictures on the Photos blog



January 13, 2013

Star, Charlie, Gray Wolf  --  Good day



December 13, 2012    Effective Environmental Groups

Links to effective ecological action groups -- Good choices for direct actions you can take now to support forests, air, water, and wildlife.



November 9, 2012    Happy Birthday, Charlie !

Charles Mansons' 78th birthday is this Sunday, November 11th.  Charlie says he has known his birthday to be on this date for his entire life.  Many so-called sources of information about Manson state that he was born on November 12th.  It has been speculated that in the early '70s, certain documents were changed to falsely state the 12th because someone did not want his birth date to share the same day as Veterans Day - a U.S. holiday commemorating those who have served in the military.



October 31, 2012    Important Measures on the California Ballot this November

(Did not pass) Proposition 34 - Repealing the Death Penalty.  Read the text of the proposition.

(Passed) Proposition 36 - Reforming the "3 Strikes Law".  Read more here, and visit the campaign's website.

(Did not pass) Proposition 37 - Label Genetically Modified Foods.  See what the LA City Council is doing.

"The FDA has received over 1,000,000 comments from citizens demanding labeling of GMOs.  90% of Americans agree.  So why no labeling?  I'll give you one reason:  the influence and the corruption of the political process by Monsanto."

     -- Rep. Dennis Kucinich




October 26, 2012    California - Vote YES on Prop. 37 - The fight against Monsanto and GMOs

Disgusting and Disturbing News - Polls show that big corporations are tipping the opinions of "TV watchers" by spending 1 million dollars a day in anti-Prop. 37 ads.

On the California ballot this November, Prop. 37 would require all foods with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) to be labeled accordingly.  The "Right to Know" campaign has been considerably ahead in the polls, until these "No on Prop. 37" ads started airing recently, as election time nears.

California - this is a big step in the fight against GMOs.  We are paving the way for the rest of the country.  Most other countries have already BANNED GMOs.

Spread the word to vote YES ON PROP. 37

Also, please consider donating to the campain so that they will have enough money to air their own ads to combat the opposition. See the link below for more information.

Read more :

"... after enjoying a 26-point lead for the past six months, our side [Yes on Prop. 37] is now barely ahead in the polls."

"We still enjoy a lead among those who don’t watch TV, but unfortunately California TV watchers are turning against us."

"For 25 days Monsanto and their allies have filled the California airwaves with $1 million dollars a day in TV and radio ads, spewing lies about how mandatory labeling for genetically engineered food will mean higher costs for consumers, lawsuits clogging the courts, "confusing" labels and poor farmers and grocers facing "nightmares of paperwork"."



October 3, 2012    CA Gov. vetos restoring media access to CDCR inmates

by Wendy Rae Hill  Sacramento – Assemblymember Tom Ammiano decried Gov. Jerry Brown’s veto yesterday of legislation that would have returned openness to California’s prison system.

Ammiano’s bill, AB 1270, would have restored, not expanded as noted in the veto message, media access to the level that existed in 1996 when the California Department of Corrections clamped down on the press’ ability to interview specific prisoners. The governor’s veto aligns him with his predecessors, who vetoed eight other versions of the media access bill.

“Press access isn’t just to sell newspapers. It’s a way for the public to know that the prisons it pays for are well run,” Ammiano said. “The CDCR’s unwillingness to be transparent is part of what has led to court orders on prison health care and overcrowding. We should know when the California prisons aren’t being well run before it goes to court. I invite the governor to visit the SHU (Security Housing Unit) to see for himself why media access is so important.”



October 1, 2012    Struggle to defend ATWA - Standing against the Keystone Pipeline

People are actively resisting the advancement of a tar sands pipeline in order to prevent future environmental devastation.  Keep updated on the situation at

"Activists with Tar Sands Blockade are continuing their 8th day of direct action in an attempt to stop TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline, and are now watching as the company's clear-cutting machinery threatens their safety."  Read more here.

It is well known that tar sands destroy ecosystems and poison the water.  Oil pipelines often rupture due to lack of maintenance and the consequences are severe.  Read one Texas farmers testimony about why he is resisting the Keystone XL pipeline.


September 14, 2012

Charles Manson has been released from solitary confinement (SHU-Security Housing Unit), where he had been held since October 4, 2011.  He is now in his regular unit.  




September 13, 2012    New Book Reveals Truths About Manson/Tate-LaBianca Case

The new comprehensive book written by Nikolas Schreck, The Manson File:  Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman, is available here.

Read in-depth interviews with the author at Metal Impact (scroll down for English) and Obskure Magazine.




September 5, 2012    Help Support Media Prison Access in California

There is a bill on CA Governor Brown’s desk right now that would once again enable the media to interview specific California inmates in person.  AB 1270 has been passed by the California Senate, and is awaiting the Governor’s signature.  He has until the end of September to sign the bill.

The bill’s sponsor, Assembly member Tom Ammiano, had this to say concerning the bill:  “We’re not just worried about reporters.  The lack of good information is also a danger to the prisoners, the employees and the public at large.  It was under these closed-door conditions that prison health conditions deteriorated to the point that the courts stepped in.  When it comes to prisons, what we don’t know can really hurt us.”

We have noticed a few false reports that the bill has already been signed. We have contacted Mr. Ammiano’s office and confirmed that the bill is still awaiting the Governor’s signature. 

You can encourage the Governor to sign this bill by writing/calling/emailing his office to voice your support for AB 1270.

You may contact Governor Jerry Brown by mail at:

Governor Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone:  (916) 445-2841
Fax:  (916) 558-3160

You may also send an email by using this online form.  For the subject, choose “Prison Issues/Concerns”

Sample letter:

I support the AB 1270 bill on prison media openness sponsored by Tom Ammiano.

In light of the very poor conditions in CDCR prisons, I believe that transparency through improved media access is essential.  There is a lot of work to be done concerning the conditions of confinement for the many men incarcerated in your state, and better media access will surely highlight the issues that need to be addressed.

For more information, please see -

News article on

View the text of the bill




August 15, 2012  

ATWA is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

Everyone helping with ATWA is doing so on a volunteer basis; there are no paid positions in ATWA.

Now you can support ATWA by using the new donation page.  (click link for more details)



August 14, 2012   The Manson File:  Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman available now

Nikolas Schrecks' new book is available here.

Charlie is aware of the book, and has written to clarify the record concerning Kenneth Como, an ex-inmate who was involved with some of "the family" during the early '70s.

Como was never an AB Brother – he was a punk, trying to be the leader of the family.  I told him there was no family, and he pulled some women off on a trip I had going, and changed it and got a lot of people shot – and didn’t want the AB to find out, and covered it up, tried to gang up on me and fell down and lied to Cat Shair.  AB didn’t poison me or try to destroy me.  That’s bunk.  Cat Shair Gypsy’s a Jew, and she was playing him to be communist [or] whatever. Jealousy was a problem.

Charles Manson

Excerpt from letter, July 2012


About Como:  I helped him get out, and he undermined me because I was not as much into lies - he taught me.  He wanted to be the family leader, and I didn’t even know there was one before the DA made it up. 

I was doing what everyone was doing and playing my part. I knew it all but within my own way. Had we had time, I could have explained a lot.  People say, “CM wanted this” or “thought that”.  Ha – Bunkum.

Charles Manson

Excerpt from letter, August 2012




July 25, 2012    Note from Gray Wolf

At Charles Manson’s personal request, myself and Star visited at CSP-Corcoran last weekend. Because Manson is still being held in solitary confinement in the Security Housing Unit (10 months and counting), the visit was non-contact, behind glass, for one hour. 

Previous to the visit, Charlie gave us the honor of requesting that we shave our heads and cut our foreheads to mark an X… “for ATWA and all the colors…”   

“Knowing knows once love, it’s forever.  If it ever was real, it is forever real – Honor. I cannot put no one above the one of my own forever.  The Life of my family is the Court, and we are all locked in God’s ways; known by the courts, God and country, Flag, and all that Hall of All.”  

Also at Charlie’s request, we are sharing pictures of ourselves here on 

Star and I view this solemn gesture as a symbol, representative of all who have sacrificed and struggled for so many years to bring the truth to light and to redeem ATWA.  

We are adamant that we are not encouraging or soliciting anyone to copy or mimic our appearance.

If you wish to show solidarity and support for Charlie and ATWA, you can donate directly to ATWA, a registered California 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization – send check or money order to ATWA  P.O. Box 303 Corcoran, CA  93212. 

You may add funds to Charlie’s commissary account by using or sending a letter and money order to Charles Manson  B-33920 P.O. Box 3476  4A4R-43  Corcoran, CA 93212.   

In addition, Manson has a legal Trust, founded to support his legal struggle and other personal expenses – donate by sending check or money order to Charles Manson Legal Trust (CMLT)  P.O. Box 1000 Corcoran, CA  93212. 

If you would like to become more involved with the efforts of ATWA, read the ATWA (Official) facebook page and send a message to the page with your thoughts and ideas.



July 2, 2012    Parole Board Lies: "While I'm at it..."


While I’m at it:

For the past 20 years I have NOT refused the Board - I’ve refused the handcuffs. I’m the only one who’s protecting anything, and that’s me and my mes.

PHUs don’t protect no one, they’re hiding under the PC they think cops do - Few cops would put their life up to protect convicts - It’s me who has my life up and out front and everyone’s using it, blaming it, buying and selling it -

And when they can cross me, everyone who builds up the friend brother thing cashes in and gives me up for the prize, or points, or approval; what fear they can get.

All the Bibles and Cross people crucify it best.  They are drunk on the blood of Saints.

Charles Manson   

Letter- June 2012



June 16, 2012    Parole Board Lies

During the April 2012 parole hearing for Charles Manson (in which Mr. Manson did not participate), the commissioner read for the record what prison staff worker Joe Reed claimed were the words of Manson as being, “I am special.  I am not like the average inmate.  I have put five people in the grave.  I have been in prison most of my life.  I am a very dangerous man.”  The parole board presented these words as if they were Manson’s statement concerning the parole hearing, and subsequently those words were broadcast worldwide by the mainstream media as some sort of confession to the crimes of which Manson has consistently maintained his innocence. 

Manson, after hearing the published news about the parole hearing, stated, “That parole board lied a lot – I never said what they said I did.  I never said that stuff.”

It was also reported that Mr. Manson refused to attend the parole hearing because prison staff would not recognize a “special request”.  This “special request” was that Manson not be handcuffed when escorted to, during, and from the hearing.  Manson:  “The cop Contreras said I refused to go.  That’s a lie – I refused handcuffs, and to be handled by people’s hands and being set up by and with rat inmates…”

Mr. Manson did not request, nor did he speak or communicate with the lawyer who “represented” him at the hearing.  It is unclear as to why prison officials designated a lawyer to be at the hearing for Manson, and in what capacity he could have possibly been acting.

Charles Manson is currently being held in solitary confinement under a questionable sentencing decision by administrative officials.  As usual, Mr. Manson is enduring constant harassment by various prison staff.  His 12-15 month term in “the hole” is scheduled to extend until either September or December 2012.



April 6, 2012

The California Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation has scheduled a parole hearing for Charles Manson on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at 8:30 AM.  Manson is not expected to attend the hearing, however he does have the option to change his mind.

The corporate media is once again slanting their coverage by falsely referring to Manson as a “mass murderer” and “serial killer”. 

Mr. Manson is currently being held in solitary confinement, a fact that is conspicuously missing in the CDCR public announcements and mass media coverage.  Charlie has been in solitary (Corcoran State Prisons’ Security Housing Unit) since October 4th, 2011, serving a 1 year (minimum) disciplinary sentence.

Please note that the photo ID pictures released by the CDCR to the media this week are not current, having been taken on 6-16-2011.




Charles Manson Placed in Solitary Confinement at Age 77


CORCORAN, Feb. 7, 2012 – On October 4, 2011, officials at the California State Prison in Corcoran moved Charles Manson to the Security Housing Unit (SHU), also known as “the hole”.

Manson has been sentenced to more than a year in solitary confinement, based on the allegation that he was in possession of a “deadly weapon”. 

The alleged weapon was a wire from a pair of eye-glasses. Friends of Manson claim this recent decision by prison officials is yet another act of discrimination, since the item in question, although technically a rule violation, is commonly modified and used as a craft tool by inmates throughout the prison.

In solitary confinement (SHU), Manson is held in a cell for 23 hours a day and denied basic privileges such as packages, phone access, contact visits, and normal human interaction.  Considering his advanced age, friends are expressing great concern for Manson’s health and well-being.

More about solitary confinement -

Solitary Confinement is now widely viewed as inhumane, ineffective, and as having shattering physical and psychological effects.  

Solitary confinement violates the European Convention on Human Rights.

In a United Nations report, solitary confinement is classified as “cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment and even torture”, which “cause[s] severe mental and physical pain or suffering”.  The UN recommends that “the practice should be used only in very exceptional circumstances, as a last resort, [and] for as short a time as possible.” The UN now defines “prolonged solitary confinement” as any term longer than 15 days, because at that point, “some harmful psychological effects of isolation could become irreversible”.


The UN Human Rights Committee and Committee Against Torture -

The National Religious Campaign Against Torture -

American Civil Liberties Union -

# # #

November 24, 2011    Recent updates to site:

Two new sections added:  "Mansons' Case" and "Interviews"

New additions to the "Words" section:  1986 Parole Statement - Letter to President Reagan - To Every Man That Has A Mind -        The Mighty Right On - Jackal Message


October 1, 2011   New Manson Album "Trees" Available now

Exclusive, previously unreleased music, songs, and spoken word by Charles Manson, CD - 10 tracks - 36 minutes.

Released by Magic Bullet Records. See video preview


September 19, 2011  New Manson video - R Card - America

September 16, 2011  New Manson video - Our (R) Card - ATWA

September 1, 2011  New Manson video - Crucifying Christ

August 25, 2011  New Manson video -  Survive

August 17, 2011  New Manson video- Perfection

Also check other new videos below

August 12, 2011  New Manson videos 

Redeem What We've Already Lost


8-8-2011  video #1   video #2


July 20, 2011

Manson responds to concerns about a "New World Order" - Read the transcript


June 12, 2011    Site update

New Manson letter in words section of this site

English translation of Vanity Fair-Spain online article available now


June 2, 2011

Nug Magazine, a San Diego cannabis magazine features an exclusive interview with Charles Manson in their June issue.  Great ATWA info and good pictures. 


Transcript of entire interview available now

April 20, 2011

Vanity Fair-Spain has published a magazine article and website story featuring portions of a phone interview with Charles Manson.  Some confusion has arisen within the corporate media as to the context, and translation from English to Spanish, and back to English, of Mr. Mansons' words.  In the interest of accuracy and understanding, relevant portions of the transcript of the interview between Charles Manson and David Lopez of Vanity Fair-Spain are presented below.  View the entire interview transcript.

David Lopez:  Mr. Manson, now that you're talking about the news, what do you think about Obama?

Charles Manson:  Obama?


Yes, what do you think about him?

I think he's foolish for doing it. I don't know how they tricked him into doing that. Someone tricked that guy into that. He doesn't realise what they're doing to him. They're playing him.


But, do you like him? Do you think he gives some kind of hope for someone or not?

I have no room for liking or disliking. I set the truth, I don't like or dislike it.


Mr. Manson, you have now a new lawyer, Giovanni Di Stefano, who is doing new movements to get your release from jail. 

No, that's just another Roman Catholic.  That's a Roman Catholic conspiracy to take my life and use my life for what in Siciliano Italians are doing in the Mafia.  That's a mafioso.  It's the same district attorney with a different face on, that's all. 


...Do you think you could be a danger for society...  How would you call it, the system?

The system.  The system is money, that's all that is.  And they won't give me any money.  I say, 'well, let me get some money'.  Everybodies making millions, 'you know how much money has been made from my life?  Because I started out at Catholic Boys School in 1946, and I wouldn't go to their conformation.

... Look at what they've done to the Irish people, look at what they've done to the African people. And you think I want to adjust to that?  Adjusting to that? I'm much worse than that. That's the only way I can be better than that. I can't be any better than that unless I'm worse than that. Because that's worse than I can think about, I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't do half the stuff they do, and that's what I told you about the President.  I don't know how they tricked him to doing that job, but he's stuck with it.


Is there any solution? What can we do to avoid that happen?

I'm telling you, every time I got out, the desert is deader than it was before. The mule deer are gone, the deer don't live there no more.  These bugs are gone, those bees don't exist.  The birds don't fly over here no more.  How come?


So there's no longer a solution to work against that?

Yeah, there's a solution, yes there is one. There's only one solution: everybody in the world accept God, air, and work for God, air. Everybody in the world accept air as God.  Accept air as God, because without air you do not exist. If you're going to exist, you have to exist with air. You've got to stop warring against air. Your sin is against yourself, 'is your sin against air. Air is all you've got. If you're making money to sell your air, you're selling your own life. You're buying and selling your own life to destruction. That system that you say that I'm not good, that I'm a danger to, I might be a danger to your stupidity and I'm a danger to your ignorance, but I'm not a danger to intelligent life forms. I'm not a danger to the people who want to exist on the planet. I'm not a danger to farmers, I'm not a danger to poor people, I'm not a danger to soldiers who don't want to hurt nobody, who don't wanna go to war, but who's forced into war by the bureaucrats who want to destroy themselves.



January 17, 2011   New ATWA booklet by Charles Manson published January 2011.

An overview of Charlies' life and his view of ATWA, transcribed - complete and unedited - has been published in booklet form. It is available now at Some exerpts from this 12 page booklet:

"The family of America. We must concentrate on the continent of America in order to unify our money, our perspectives, our social order, our lifestyles, and our things that we must do in time that we have, which is not much. We have a small amount of time left."

"Honor, if it is not honor, this country, this economy and this world is completely doomed by all means possible, because God is great, and there is no doubt about his grace, or his wrath."

"The Savior Project puts everyone in the army. Everyone's in the conservation corps, everyone's a civilian soldier."

"The birth of life on the planet has got to be green, it's got to come through the bushes, got to come through the trees, it has got to come through the seaweeds and the fish, the birds, the bees."


 December 3, 2010

The Los Angeles Times has reported that Charles Manson was found to possess a cell phone in his unit at CSP-Corcoran. Other news outlets have immediately picked up the story and amplified the original report.

The incident in question happened well over a year ago, but is being widely reported as fresh news. This kind of media coverage is a typical ruse used to manipulate public opinion against Manson and other California inmates in order to justify the continued allocation of taxpayer money to the law enforcement bureaucracy and the prison industry.


New Manson title released November 30th, 2010

A new book, Charles Manson Now, by Marlin Marynick is now available at bookstores nation-wide.

More information plus audio clips from Charlie are on the books' website.

Read a review of the book by one of Manson's close friends.


October 2010  Announcement:

Charles Mansons' new album, -Air-, along with other new releases available at

-Air- (CD - 12" LP - iTunes) was released by Magic Bullet Records on August 10, 2010.

The album includes 8 previously unreleased tracks, totaling 29 minutes, some spoken word and lots of singing and guitar.

There is a video trailer for the release at:

Very nice write-up about Charlies' music:

See this published interview with Brent Eyestone and this album review.


August 2010

-Your Soldier is Love- A New Message From Charles Manson -August 2010-

Charles Manson speaking about the chain of command and the U.S. soldier

New YouTube video - Your Soldier - Charles Manson - August 2010


ATWA and Charles Manson - A Statement of Witness   (2009)

Charles Manson envisioned the word ATWA, meaning Air, Trees, Water, and Animals, to represent our life support system on the planet Earth. It also means All the Way Alive.

There is only ONE. One Air, one Water, one God. ATWA is God, for without air, without water, there is no you, no me, no life on Earth to have or hold a god.

The mass media has only lied and covered up the truth, hiding the efforts of many people to show that Charles Manson is order and life, not confusion and death.

Manson has served All Life for over 60 years from his prison cell grave. Brother to all men, Charles stands in honor and truth and brings this world to now, with the order and solutions to redeem our survival on earth.


Personally knowing Charles Manson, it upsets me on some level to see the lies they say about him on TV. They have NO idea what or who they're talking about!

The perfect example of a 'Catch 22' is Charles Manson speaking to the media. No matter WHAT he says, it has already been deemed insane. How can you explain anything when people have already made up their minds that you're crazy?! Think about it, you know that whatever is on TV is not in the peoples' best interests. You know they don't have a clue about anything. If you don't get it by now, it doesn't even matter.

We humans are living in an artificial world of concrete and plastic. There are a lot of TV heads that are too ignorant to recognize God and Truth. Their god is money, twisted sex perversions, and ego- a narrow minded lust for comfort.

If you put a plastic bag over your head, you would learn real quick what God is. GOD is AIR. That's number one. ATWA= AIR-TREES-WATER-ANIMALS: Your survival on planet Earth. Anything polluting our air and water is going against Gods' Will, which is Life. It's as simple as that, and it's what Charles Manson has been telling the world for over 40 years.

Life on this planet will survive, with or without humans. You'd best save yourselves a lot of horror and suffering, and put Manson in his rightful place of command. The human world is falling apart, pulling the rest of the earth down with it. The answer to the problem is in a cell in Corcoran State Prison. It is time to wise up and listen to the wise man, if you want to survive.

Star 2009

He saved my life... he never lied to me. I've watched as one by one the things he told me have come to pass, although at the time they made little sense to me. Now is the time to put energy back into the Earth. We've already taken too much out. Think about it... we cannot survive without the Earth. I'm pretty sure the Earth would survive without our input, that is, if we leave enough of it to survive. The government, the courts, the churches, the schools, the newspapers, the T.V., they all lie to us every day. Money is a cheap trick and no trade for life. We need to turn things around NOW. ATWA - That has always been his thought, the direction he has always pointed. He never deserved what he got. Isn't that the way of things... you give love and tell the truth, they hunt you down, name you the devil, and try to take away your life.

Silver 2009

'I decided to go into the mountains to talk to God, to apologize for 1900 years of this mess. That's when they got me and brought me here.''
Charles Manson, 1970

When Charles Manson was arrested with a band of young survivalists in Death Valley in 1969, it wasn't murder for which they were apprehended, but for the destruction of earth-moving equipment being used to destroy waterholes, build roads and tear up land. Asked if he had anything to say to the world, Manson replied, ''Get back to the Horse". Forty years later, Manson has remained steadfast in his message of ecological balance and the need for purification and harmony on Earth.

From the smog covered corner beneath the Hall of Justice in the 1970's, on their knees Manson's allies spoke for the Earth, they fought for the Earth and they lived ON THE EARTH. The media covered it up and are continuing to cover it up to this day. It was not brainwashing that moved his band, it was love, it was music, it was loyalty to the war against pollution, lies and confusion.

ATWA was created from the bottom, like a seed that starts under the ground. Charles Manson and the Family of Infinite Soul gave their lives to stop the world from being destroyed. They gave all to bring ATWA into reality, to bring this world to one thought.

Now, we must transcend the media brainwash, turn and face our children and our dying world. Become one heart, one mind, and work to redeem the Air, the Trees, the Water, and the Animals, which includes us. Manson is your reflection, if you wish to understand him you will need to know yourself first and be willing to face yourself and the way you live your life.

We are all breathing the same air. Whoever sins against our air by polluting it or destroying the green, the trees that give us our air, is a criminal and must face a World Court that has no mercy for transgressors. Everyone was and has been warned. You are either working for ATWA, or you will simply cease to exist.

Under Mansons' authority there will be no movies, no sports or music for entertainment; only work. One world, working to clean and support the air and water and protect the trees and animals. Prisons will be farms producing their own food. All schools, all jobs, must and will serve life's survival or they too will fade away. Our money will function only in service to the people and ATWA, not as a tool for greed, corruption or control.

This message is urgent. There is no time for lies, competition or personal games of ego and ambition. We must give Charles Manson the authority, the authority to bring order to our world, one world in service to Life.

March 20, 2009
Once again, the mainstream media has attempted to demean and diminish Charles Manson with a sloppy collection of lies, half truths, innuendos, and repetitive propaganda. Mr. Manson has shaved his thick head of hair, but is in no way bald, as purported by the AP and other news outlets. Describing Mr. Manson's visible swastika tattoo as a scar is just an example of ingnorance and jealousy. The picture accompaning the AP story is obviosly a forced photo of an abruptly awakened Charles Manson.

The sloppy and sleazy hack-job presented by Inside Edition on March 19th, 2009 is another example of broken promises and reactive journalism. The pictures displayed on their website,, however, are worth viewing. These are recent pictures taken of C.M. by officers in the visiting room at Corcoran State Prison, and show a vibrant, spirited man who has survived 62 years in our prison system.
On Monday, March 23rd, Inside Edition has scheduled another short segment about Charles Manson with more recent pictures and audio of Mr. Manson speaking about his ecological vision, ATWA. It remains to be seen if Inside Edition will actually deliver on it's promises to Mr. Mansons' friends, who have provided the material for this program.

March 19, 2009
The television news magazine, Inside Edition, is featuring a Manson story tonight, which includes several new pictures of Charles Manson at Corcoran State Prison in California. Inside Edition has promised to do a follow up piece next Monday featuring audio of Manson talking about ATWA, his ecological vision. Tonights show will be airing tommorow morning in some areas. Corcoran State Prison has also released a new picture today as some kind of routine update of inmate files.
Although we cannot predict the content or angle of this program, we wish to inform folks about the airing of the new Manson pictures.

Update: Inside Edition story and photos here.

October 2008
Manson has been released from SHU and is back in the PHU, his regular housing unit.

April 4, 2008
It's been reported that Charlie entered the prison hospital about March 25, 2008 for breathing problems. He is doing well and feeling better. He has not yet been released from SHU. MansonDirect is told the prison has not yet conducted the hearing all inmates are entitled to receive when they are placed into SHU.

December 20, 2007
Charles Manson has been placed into the Secure Housing Unit ('The Hole'). As always, will report the details once we have seen the actual information first hand. While in SHU inmates can not receive packages or special purchases, so none should be sent at this time. SHU inmates are able to access a very limited amount of credit on their books, if they have any, for canteen purchases. Anyone wishing to add funds to Charlie's prison account can check the CDC website for details on how to do that. Postage stamps can not be sent to inmates in PHU or SHU, although envelopes with USPS embossed postage are permitted.


Message to all from Charles Manson, October 2007

In all my life, and where I've lived, the ways that things have come before me have set a lot of what I am, what I do, where I go, where I don't go, where I come from all around, and what I'm about. The court of my days, in my time, has become a chamber of my court in my thoughts and mind. We do what the court says, one way or the other, if we are to survive and live and have a life. I am what the court says I am, like it or not. I am the chambers of my court.

In other words, if the courts pick you up, and they take you and they get a verdict, that makes that a reality. Much more than the doctor signing your birth certificate! You are confirmed by the court as being what you are! It hasn't got anything to do with any other reality, except that the judge that sits in the court is our eye into the money.

That is said to say this: Real can only be what the court says! The court says I am a cult and its leader, like it or not. I am a dealer of life and death! What I did or did not do before, is in the wind. In other words, it doesn't matter what I did before. What the court says is what I have to do now. What the court says stands. It stands forever!

In all courts I have been in, my mind is only one chamber. The hole I came out of was prison. You can call it mother, but it was prison. Everything that is in all, is held in the prison of everything circles of what is not. And nothing holds everything! And isn't everything the prison, held to be nothing, or is it nothing being held by everything?

That's an intelligent thought, from an intelligent life form, who suffered 60 years to wake up to that axiom. When people lie to or about me, and won't let me be what I am, they end up with that judgment about themselves. (Its' got nothing to do with me! It took me a long time to wake up to that, too.) I can help a person, but not until he sees and knows, I can and will be truthful! If you know I'll be truthful, it can only be because you'll be truthful. But he first must be truthful and right with himself, with me.

What's been done to me in my will, will be the will that comes back, to and for, them. And it's my court. I am Charles. The court said so, and I was there in that will before I ever met anyone who was alive in 1969.

I have been the courts, and all that was and ever could be, and went to the Doctor and gave him my life! 'Bought the hospital with my inmate money in this prison, and was cheated and lied to about it. It WILL come back in truth, until honor and righteousness is set in its proper place. (In other words, what that means is, that I gave up a hernia operation, and laid down in a trailer and took a chance on losing my life! Because they wouldn't let me go to an outside hospital. They said it was an escape plot. So, they said they wanted to use this to go to Sacramento, to appropriate 7 million dollars, and use the notoriety of my case to make 7 million dollars from the prison fund to build this hospital. And the Doctor said if you do this, and we get the hospital, I'll give you the first broom. You'll be the tier tender. I was supposed to be the broom in the hospital. I've done this job in the federal prison, I've done it in Vacaville, and I was supposed to get a tier tender job that would be helping everybody in the hospital like I've always done.) When a person lies, he lies in and with the lies. I was told I'd get things. I'd get the first broom in the new hospital, and people thought they tricked me and the trick always comes back to the place where it starts.

Susan Atkins has been lying to those people, and who lies thinks everyone else lies. So what's happened here, the reason I am writing this letter, and sending this letter, is the doctor is under suit and everybody's on his case. And he's in court now, and he can't exist because so many lies have got on top of him. He's got the lies of the Hindu coming over and telling him he's the doctor. Because, the guy who set me on fire, you remember that? He killed his father for a Hindu Guru, who said that there was only healing from God. Then, as soon as he killed his father, the Guru got a haircut, turned around and come back like a doctor. 'Said he didn't have nothing to do with this guy. You dig? So then, when I went over for a colonoscopy, he's on top of my doctor (that gave me the hernia operation), with a lie, that's working out of some dude that killed his wife. And he's tricking this Hindu into thinking that he's a Hindu, and he's accepted that religion, that's his ultimate, you dig? And he pretended like he hung himself … and the Hindu let him out the back door in a witness program, with the other program administrator whose lying about the Christians. When he seen the Christian, lying, double-dealing preacher over here doing it, then he's just following suit towards that, and there's no truth in what they're doing, and no honor! You see it? So then the guy comes back to me because they're suing him. And they're taking his practice, and taking his life, and he can't get his hospital, and he can't get his doctor back, and he's losing his whole medical association! You dig? Because one hole in the boat's going to sink the boat! I'm trying to patch the hole in the boat so I can get my goddamned boat to float. And I can't get no righteousness going. I can't even get the damn mail out of the door. In other words, I'm having trouble just getting letters to you!

I got people who think they are taking over something. Whatever it is, it's convoluted with confusion, and lies and bullshit. And I can't get a straight line on anything in this place, man. They take my property and they do anything they want to do with my life. They run three sets of visitors off. They ran Ansome and T.J off, 'said they died.

Let me say this to you. You can't fake it. It's got to be real or it's not going to work. If it's not real and it's not true, it's simply just not going to work, man. You got to be real, you got to be righteous, you got to do it the way it's supposed to be done, and it's got nothing to do with me. Me is a word, man. Righteousness belongs to everybody. Everything that I'm saying is everyone. I'm not THE one. There is no one THE one. Everybody is the one. Everybody has the one inside of them.

April 2007 - Incident Report

February 10, 2007
Charles Manson speaks out about his upcoming parole hearing. Listen to Manson's message (MP3 file) to you about this important upcoming event.

August 23, 2006
Added a page about Charlie's efforts to get back his property. See page HERE.

Update May 5, 2006
MansonDirect has spoken with Manson. So that verifies that he's out of SHU and back into his regular housing unit. Charlie sounded strong and in good spirits.

Update May 4, 2006
MansonDirect has received information that Charlie has been released from SHU ('the hole') and is back in PHU, two weeks ahead of the anticipated release date. The information is not yet verified however.

Update April 14, 2006
A close friend of Charlie reports to MansonDirect that he has received several letters from Charlie within the past couple of weeks. Manson seems to be in good spirits even though he is still in SHU ('The Hole').

Update January 18, 2006
MansonDirect has received indications that Charlie is close to release from SHU. This is not confirmed by Manson himself however. Recent cards and letters including those received here have dealt with various topics, but Charlie hasn't speculated on his return to PHU at this point.

UPDATE August 25, 2005
MansonDirect has learned the facts behind the most recent placement of Charlie into the SHU ('the hole'). According to the written incident report, form CDC 115, on June 20, 2005 Manson was leaving his cell on his way to the shower. A guard delivering mail told Manson to stop and remain in the dayroom, so the guard could enter Manson's cell to search it for contraband. According to the guard's allegations, Manson said "The hell you are" and at that point stopped on the stairs, which the guard was about to walk up to reach Manson's cell. Supposedly, Manson took a swing at the guard. The guard set off his personal alarm to summon help, and tried to grab Manson's arm in order to place it behind his back so he could put hand cuffs on Manson. As the guard held Manson's arm, Charlie "lost his balance" according to the guard, and fell against the wall striking his head. At this point Manson was on the concrete floor and two other guards arrived on the scene, and together all three guards "held Manson down" and handcuffed his hands behind his back. Manson was experiencing pain in his head and his chest area at that point, so he was taken to the hospital for observation. No specific treatment was required at the hospital. Manson was released the same day, and was then placed directly into the SHU.

UPDATE July 26, 2005
Charlie has been returned to the SHU. He had been back in PHU since about April 6, 2005. We don't know the exact date he went back into the "hole", but it has been verified.

April 7, 2005 - CD release of One Mind

UPDATE April 6, 2005
A good friend of Manson's reports to us that he spoke to Charlie on the phone. Charlie had been in SHU ("the hole") since December 2003, a period of about 16 months. He is now back in PHU, his regular unit. The friend tells us that Charlie sounded good, and seemed to be in good spirits.

UPDATE March 28, 2005
A good friend of Manson's has informed us that he has heard from Charlie by mail. Charlie is in good spirits, and says he may be released from the SHU within the next week or two.

UPDATE December 6, 2004
MansonDirect has heard from a friend of Manson's who reports he received a lengthy letter from Manson. Manson says he had stopped writing due to on going mail problems. Manson is still in SHU. This is the only verified communication from Manson we have heard of in the past few months. Charlie is hanging in there.

UPDATE August 30, 2004
The most common question gets is What's new with Charlie. But often, there is not any real news to give. As of this date, Manson is still apparently having problems getting and receiving mail. Few people (only 1 we know of) have received any letters from him over the last couple of months. As far as we know, he is still in SHU ("the hole").

UPDATE July 17, 2004
The close friend of Manson has been kind enough to send a copy of the letter referenced in the May 20, 2004 updater. In it Manson says (paraphrased)"...My mail is not getting out. I've been writing and they've been taking the letters." He also says (paraphrased) "...A world full of people each trying to win or out do or beat someone, be better- they use death as a proving ground war fear and al that. I'm not in that mind set." he says (paraphrased) "...I'm honor, my only concern is ATWA honor.

UPDATE May 20, 2004
A friend of Manson has shared with us the news that they received a lengthly letter from Manson. Few people have heard from Charlie since he's been in the hole. Manson says there have been problems with the mail there, both in receiving letters people have written and in getting his letters out. On some occassions Manson has been given mail consisting of the empty envelopes, with the contents missing.

UPDATE March 22, 2004
We have now received word that Manson is likely to remain in SHU until September 2004 due to the reason mentioned in the December 12, 2003 update below.

UPDATE February 12, 2004
Oddly, no news has been received from Manson for over a month. We assume he is still in the hole, and we're working to discover his status.

UPDATE December 14, 2003
Written communication from Manson does now comfirm that he is in fact back in the hole.

UPDATE December 12, 2003
We have now received information that Manson was placed in the hole because guards found him to be in possession of homemade tools he was going to use to make another harp. They claimed the tools could be weapons. We still have not seen the paperwork, so we will keep you updated as the information comes in.

UPDATE December 8, 2003
MansonDirect has received information that Manson has been removed from PHU section and placed back into SHU ("the hole"). We have no details at this time, and have not yet verified this as fact.
Manson recently received a quarterly package of food items, candy and tobacco from a close friend, and was in good spirits recently.

UPDATE November 25, 2003
At this time there are no updates, but we receive comments from site visitors who say they are interested in knowing not only when something happens, but also want to know when things are the same with Charlie. In our last conversation with Charlie in November, he seemed in good spirits.

UPDATE September 8, 2003
It is reported to MansonDirect that Charlie has received 30 days lose of day room privileges for swearing at a guard. It is not necessary for an inmate to "start" trouble, but by merely responding to rough or abusive treatment from staff with a few choice comments, they are punished in these petty ways.

UPDATE September 8, 2003
After several weeks delay, Manson finally received his last package. (details on the packages). The package was sent to him within the time limit, but was refused by the prison, allegedly for an improperly written address. Their claim was that Manson's CDC number, B33920, was not correctly included in the address. But the package form was written by Manson himself and mailed out to the package sender as required. After the package was refused and returned, it was sent back and reached the prison bearing a postmark of the very last day of packages, July 31. Finally, the package was distributed to Manson by prison officials after three trips across the country! Sadly, this is all too typical of the treatment afforded Manson, just as it has been happening for all these years.

UPDATE August 23, 2003
The period of "restricted privileges" ended for Manson and he has been able to place phone calls for the last week or so. He did not receive his last special package due to allegations that the package was not correctly address. We are investigating.

UPDATE July 21, 2003
Manson continues on restriction (loss of privileges) until about July 25. MansonDirect has obtained a copy of the memo issued to inmates detailing new rules that end all outside packages and ordering on behalf of inmates. See HERE for details.

UPDATE July 7, 2003
Packages To End? This update applies to Manson and all inmates at CSP-Corcoran. We have learned that the long-threatened rules change that would ban packages from home has apparently been enacted within the last two days. Under this new rule, inmates would no longer be permitted to receive a quarterly package and would not be permitted to receive ANY items sent by family or friends through authorized vendors. More to follow on this important change.

UPDATE May 4, 2003
Within the last week, Manson was sentenced to 90 days loss of privileges, having been found guilty of the charges which prompted the investigation in February. He remains in PHU.

UPDATE April 23, 2003
Manson has been released from SHU and is back in the PHU housing unit. He is in good spirits.

UPDATE March 28, 2003
Manson remains in SHU ('the hole'). CDC claims they are conducting an "investigation" into allegations that Manson conducted a business enterprise by sending out items for sale to collectors. The claim is false. These kinds of claims are sometimes made by other inmates who wish to start trouble, and target Manson because he is a well known person. In this case another inmate (known to Manson Direct and also known to Corcoran officials) did steal some items from Manson and send them out through attorney mail. The inmate then instructed his attorney to try to sell the items, and the attorney did make such attempts. CDC has taken action against the inmate. But as the lies pour forth, Manson is ultimately the one who suffers by being placed in the hole. Such is the Corcoran Way. See: Does Manson Make Money From Prison

UPDATE February 28, 2003
Manson has been placed back into the SHU ('the hole'). Details are not yet known, but will be posted here as soon as available.

UPDATE February 19, 2003
Recently, Manson's guitar was damaged, and as a result he no longer has it available to play. Manson was unhappy about the turn of events, but has taken it in stride.

In other news, within the last few days Manson's cell was "tossed" and all of his incoming and outgoing postal mail was confiscated. CDC can do that whenever they like by claiming they are conducting an "investigation". But they are not required to tell the inmate what they are investigating. All incoming mail and all outgoing mail is opened, searched and carefully reviewed by CDC staff, so it is hard to imagine what there was in Manson's mail that warrented an "investigation" since all his incoming mail was already read by staff, and all his outgoing mail is read by staff. If any news of this event reaches Manson Direct we will place it on this page. But often times, the facts behind these so-called "investigations" are never revealed by CDC (even to the inmate). See the How You Can Help page for more information.

2003 - MansonDirect reviews the new CD, All The Way Alive

UPDATE December 20, 2002
Manson has finally been given his guitar. He has been denied a guitar for over three years. This guitar was sent to Manson by his friend "Tip Top", through an approved prison vendor, and following approved prison procedures. Manson has no money with which to buy a guitar himself, and he has only now been approved to received one. Manson Direct was pleased to assist Tip Top in the purchase of the guitar. This weekend, December 21 and 22, Manson has been sitting outside in the PHU yard, giving guitar lessons to a fellow inmate.

UPDATE December 3, 2002
Manson Direct has reviewed a copy of another "CDC 115" form regarding an event that occured back on October 4, 2002. On that dater the prison ordered Manson to under go a urinalysis test. The reason for the test is unknown, as drugs are not an issue in the very restrictive PHU environment. Manson asked "Why are you messing with me?" and declined to pee in a cup. The prison did not offer him any reason as to why he was being asked to take the test. Since Manson declined to take the test, he was written up but the 115 form was not finally processed until November 13, more than a month after the event. The original "charge" was "Refusing to submit to a urinalysis" but the prison later changed the "charge" to "Refusal To Obey Orders" a charge considered "Serious".

UPDATE October 31, 2002
Manson Direct reviews the "Rules Violation" report referenced in the October 26, 2002 update below. Click Here for the facts.

UPDATE October 26, 2002
Manson has been placed on "cell confinement" status for 90 days. This status does not cause an inmate to be placed in "the hole" (SHU) but it does result in a lose of all 'privileges' for the term of the sentence. It is believed this action was a result of a 'rules violation' about October 1, 2002. Manson Direct is in the process of obtaining copies of the 115 inmate violation report form and will report the details as soon as possible. Correction 11/4/02: Manson received 10 days cell confinement and 90 days loss of privileges.

UPDATE October 15, 2002
Manson Direct spoke with Manson by telephone Monday October 14, 2002 and was pleased to learn that after the events of Saturday October 12, Manson was not placed back in the hole (SHU). Manson was "written up" (115 form). During his removal from the visit area Saturday, Manson was pushed to the ground by guards. However, he said he was not hurt in the incident. Read the eyewitness account here.

UPDATE October 12, 2002
On Saturday October 12, 2002 Manson granted an interview to a local California newspaper, his first media interview in about 11 years. During the course of the interview Manson became upset and a minor altercation occurred involving angry shouting. The exact cause of the trouble is not yet known. The newspaper reporter and a guest visiting Manson were hustled out of the PHU visiting room and whisked out of the prison area and into the parking lot, accompanied by guards. Manson was escorted out of the visiting area and back into PHU section. It is not known yet whether he was placed back in the the hole (SHU). We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

UPDATE September 2, 2002
One of the best types of update- reporting that all remains well with Manson. He continues to receive occasional visits, and has been allowed out of doors into the PHU yard to sit in the sunshine. The prison still has not given him back one of his guitars, but two weeks ago he borrowed one from another inmate and gave an impromptu outdoor concert of music and singing to a handful of other inmates. Too bad no recordings are permitted inside those prison walls!

UPDATE June 29, 2002
On Saturday June 29 Manson received a visitor, his first in over 2 years as far as we know.

UPDATE June 25, 2002
Manson has been released from "The Hole" and is back in the PHU section. Manson was held in solitary for 3 weeks "pending investigation" of an alleged threat against his safety.

UPDATE June 4, 2002
After barely three weeks, Manson has again been placed into the punitive SHU section, aka "The Hole".

Manson has apparently been accused of a minor rules infraction and was immediately placed into SHU even before any hearing on the matter took place. Revision 6/10/02: Supposedly Manson was placed in the hole as "protective custody" due to an alleged threat against his safety.

UPDATE May 13, 2002
Manson is finally back in the Protective Housing Unit (PHU) at Corcoran.

He was in the "hole" (SHU) for over two years- an extreme condition especially considering that 21 days is the normal maximum time.

Manson is doing well and feeling well.

UPDATE April 30, 2002
Charles Manson is still being held in disciplinary custody in the California State Prison (CSP)-Corcoran's Security Housing Unit (SHU) for allegedly threatening staff. He has been under the extreme lockdown conditions of SHU since mid-February, 2000.

Manson had a potential release date from SHU of February 2002, but in fact he was not released. If released he would have been returned to the prison's PHU.

UPDATE April 24, 2002
Manson declined to attend his parole hearing April 24. It was his 10th hearing to date. Prison sources are quoted as saying he refused to attend if handcuffed, and they would not allow him to attend the hearing unshackled. The parole board declined him parole and assigned him an excessive 5 year wait until his next hearing. news story

In a letter dated 4/25/2002 Manson said "I've been lied about so much and lied to so long I've begun to wonder what difference it may make to myself and everyone..."