Facts of the Manson Incident October 12, 2002
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This is an eyewitness account given to Manson Direct of the incident that occurred on October 12, 2002. See Updates Page (This account is not from the reporter)

"Saturday, October 12, 2002, Charles Manson agreed to a media interview (the first in years) to be done at Corcoran State Prison in California by a local newspaper reporter from the Hanford Sentinel. Granted access to the prison by Sacramento and the Corcoran Prison guard staff we sat waiting for Manson's arrival.

Charles Manson had granted this interview to tell of the numerous occasions where rules have not been followed or just plain changed on his behalf by the staff for no other reason than he is this man we call Charles Manson. The unit he resides in has up to 68 inmates at any given time most of them allowed to participate in all activities from art programs to music programs. Manson is denied these privileges and the only excuse they give him is "We are afraid you will make money off of it somehow."

Manson says they constantly search his cell and take things he has made or property of his they say its contraband all because its his. Manson's own autograph is contraband in California State Prison, he is the only inmate in California that does not have to have a personal ID because visitors and guards alike will steal it as soon as it is made.

As I sat waiting with the repoter Manson arrived in the visiting area wearing black knit cap a white bandana around his neck a black ring on his left hand and sunglasses. The visiting guard made him start stripping stuff off, first went the sunglasses then the bandana then the hat she asked for the ring and Manson grabbed his stuff from the counter and started yelling at the on duty woman guard saying " Just take me back to my cell then Bitch I'm here for you your not here for me.

I seen the guard making the call to send him back so I told the reporter come on this may be your only chance to meet him. We got up walked over to Charlie he immediately shook my hand and appologized he also shook the reporters hand twice making some comment to her on " this is why I said no on the visit, these...." I went up to him only to try to calm him put my arm around him and said its cool Charlie ...its O.k.

He mentioned mail they were holding of his that they wouldn't give him I said I will call them to see why. He jerked away from me yelling " Calling will not do any fucken good....These people won't understand until you, Talking to me, go get a shotgun come back to the parking lot and start killing motherfuckers out there, then they will understand I'm not fucking around.

At the same time he made a gun with his finger and thumb pointed it at the woman guard and started making shooting sounds and saying under his breath " just like he'd kill this bitch." The guard jumped up made us leave in a hurry. Upon us going out the door Manson went to a janitor closet got a broom and started to clean the visiting room. I yelled at him as we were going out the door "hey old man I'll see ya" he turned and waved. The goons that were on the way were there and all wanted to know WHAT HAPPENED ?"

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