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Does Charles Manson make money by selling things from prison?

The answer is NO.

Manson resides in a maximum security prison and is kept within a special even more secure housing unit within that facility. Manson is not currently allowed to possess art supplies, paints or craft-making materials. By prison rules, Manson is not permitted to sell or trade anything to anyone inside or outside the prison... not autographs, not art work, not drawings... nothing.

Naturally personal correspondence with people outside the prison is permitted, including the mailing out by Manson of letters, drawings and in some limited cases crafted items.

Manson has no income and receives no payments or royalties from any books that have ever been written about him, nor from any music recording that have been distributed by various persons over the eyars, nor can he receive any payment for any media interviews. In fact, he is not permitted to have media contacts unless by special (rare) arrangement through the prison officials.

All mail written to Manson, and all mail sent out by Manson is opened and reviewed by prison authorities and is closely inspected.

In addition, under strict prison rules, no other inmates may posses anything Manson has signed, written on, drawn, sketched or anything else from Manson. Harsh penalties are applied to any inmate found to be in possession of such contraband. As it is a high-security facility, ALL inmate mail is opened and inspected, incoming and outgoing.

While in the "hole" Manson is not permitted to possess postage stamps nor to mail out packages. Letters or correspondence can be sent by Manson if he can obtain postage through the prison or if he can get some prestamped envelopes. No inmates may possess money.

Manson, and other inmates in the special housing unit, are permitted to have money on their "books" - the prison held account - to be used for prison canteen purchases such as deodorant, candy or toothpaste.

The prison does not provide funds to any inmates, they must rely on outside family or friends to remit funds to the institution on their behalf. Inmates in the high security sections are not permitted to engage in prison 'employment'.

Regardless of what amount Manson receives, if any, in no case can he - or other inmate - use more than the small allowed amount per month. Any money Manson or any other inmate might have on their book can only be used for purchase of prison-sold items or used to order items through a state-approved prison vendor, done with permission in advance from the prison.

Inmates in the secure housing section may not join book or music clubs. They do not have checking accounts or credit cards.

The maximum amount of canteen purchases per month for inmates in the 'hole' is $35 per month. The prison does not offer discounts or special pricing- canteen items are sold at or above normal outside retail prices. It is a prison, not a discount store.

Manson does not live a life of luxury. Here are just a few of the things Manson does NOT have:
He is not allowed to possess more than one pair of tennis shoes per year as allowed to all inmates
He can not possess extra clothing
No large number of books or magazines
No extra blankets
No jewelry (home made prison "jewelry" is sometimes overlooked by officials)
No extra foodstuffs beyond that allowed to all inmates
No art supplies
No tape recorder or any type of recording equipment
No computers or any electronic equipment with memory capability
Obviously no Internet access or email (but amazingly, some think Manson sits around chatting and surfing the web all day. In fact, he has never used a computer and has never viewed the Internet at all).
No musical instruments except by special prison permission.

Manson cannot sell things, and even if he could there is nothing he can buy anyway. No inmate has the "comforts of home", it is, after all, a maximum security prison.

So if someone suggests Manson is making money in prison, now you know the facts.