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Addition To Update 10/31/2002

Manson On Cell Restriction for 10 Days and 90 Days Loss of Privileges.

Manson Direct has obtained copies of the prison's CDC 115 report that details the entire incident reported in the 10/31/2002 update. Here are the facts.

On October 1, 2002 while Manson was quietly in his cell alone, a guard opened his cell door and demanded that Manson shave his beard. This demand was because the California State Prison at Corcoran apparently feels that there is some problem with an inmate having facial hair. Manson, of course, has traditionally worn a beard for much of his life.

When the guard opened his cell door, Manson walked forward to see what the guard wanted. When the guard told him he was in "violation" of department rules for having a beard, Manson turned around, walked to the rear of his small cell, got onto his knees and placed his hands up in the air. Obviously Manson knew from his years of prison experience what was coming.

The guard, viewing this "suspiction" activity (according to his written statement on the CDC 115), ordered Manson out of the cell, and when Manson remained motionless on his knees, the guard called another guard, then entered the cell, and roughly twisted Manson's arms behind his back and handcuffed him. The two guards together then dragged Manson out of his cell, still on his knees. Since Manson did not place his hands behind his back by himself, and remained on his knees instead of standing up, he was charged with disobeying the verbal commands of a guard.

After being forcibly removed from his cell, Manson was placed on the floor of a holding cell where he complained of pain in his arm and legs. He was taken to the medical staff area where he was strapped to a gurney and then removed to the prison hospital area. The medical staff claims they found no trauma that was visible to them, so Manson was sent back to his cell.

Included in the CDC 115 incident paperwork is a diagram, an outline of a person, used by medical staff to illustrate where inmate injuries were found. In the paperwork reviewed by Manson Direct, that diagram contained a drawing of a pair of eyeglasses, drawn by Manson, and the words "glasses broken" written by Manson on the form. In a phone conversation with a trusted friend after the incident but before being placed on Cell Confinement, Manson described the incident and said his glasses were broken when the guards pushed him to the floor of the holding cell.

As a result of this incident, Manson was 'written up', that is, given a CDC 115 report. A California Department of Corrections 115 is officially known as a Rules Violation Report. The violation was disobeying a guard, and Manson was given 10 days cell confinement and 90 days loss of privileges as punishment.

Manson still faces a hearing regarding the 115 he received over the visiting room incident October 14, 2002. (see October 15, 2002 Update on our main page).

Our Take On The Incident

One might wonder why the guards felt it necessary to hassle a nearly 68 year old inmate who was alone, minding his own business and immediately assumed a submissive position when approached. (Manson's 68th birthday was on November 11, 2002). One might wonder why it would matter to anyone whether Manson has a beard or not. One might wonder why Manson's beard was not an issue two months ago (see photo of Manson at the top of our main page taken July 2002), but now suddenly it is. And one might wonder if CDC plans to replace the eyeglasses they broke.

In addition to the general craziness rampant throughout the prison systems across the entire country, Manson is additionally singled out for special hassle, as he has always been. It seems when the truth is too frightening to face, the response is to beat down and destroy the truth-sayer. And Manson has always been a truth-sayer.

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