Manson Direct reviews the new Manson CD, "All The Way Alive" from People's Temple Records
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All • The • Way • Alive

In 2003 MansonDirect was pleased to receive a review copy of this new CD from People's Temple Records. We gave the CD "Five Stars".

In January 2005 we learned the owner of People's Temple Records had passed away. The CD is no longer available, and the company's website has been closed. God's speed to you Shane.

Cover, All The Way Alive 2003 Manson CD


Devil Man
The More You Love
Two Pair Of Shoes
Maiden With Green Eyes (Remember Me)
Swamp Girl
Bet You Think I Care
Look At Your Game Girl (Alternative Version)
Who To Blame
True Love You Will Find
My World
Invisible Tears
This Is Night Life

All The Way Alive 2003 Manson CD

Professionally produced and packaged, this stunning mono recording from People's Temple Records reveals UNHEARD Charles Manson performances which were studio-recorded on September 11, 1967. Manson sings, plays guitar and offers a some spoken words on the "INTERVIEW" track, all from 1967.

No longer available.


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