Star reviews “Manson Now”, by Marlin Marynick

I have read this book, and have been aware of the project from its’ beginning.  I am in no way bashing or diminishing Marlin or his book, however, I must speak out on behalf of myself and make a statement concerning some of the books’ content.  I do recommend this book to anyone interested in Charles Manson, as it has inside information, new photos, and unedited transcripts of Charlies’ words.  For  people who are only familiar with the medias’ representation of Charles Manson, the book will be able to provide a more accurate perspective on the man behind the myth.

Gray Wolf and I are included in this book, in chapter 8, called “ATWA”.  I authorize this chapter completely and have no problems with what is written.  I recommend this chapter as well as chapter 6, “From the Inside”, which is an interview with Hook, a fellow inmate of Manson’s.

The characters included in this book are not an accurate representation of Manson’s friends and acquaintances.  This book would be more accurately named, “Manson Now, the Journey of Marlin Marynick”.  These are the people Marlin happened upon in relation to Manson’s media image, and then chose to meet with.  Many of the interviews in this book are totally irrelevant to the real Manson, in my opinion.


One character in the book claims to have met Manson in the ‘60s, before he went to prison, and claims to still have a relationship with him to this day, as well as relationships with other Manson Family members.  I know this to be completely false.  This person is, and is known to be, lying and/or delusional.  Manson has never heard of her.  Why did this person get into the book?  From what I can see, it is because the project was rushed, and the author needed more material.  I recommend cutting these pages out of the book and throwing them in the recycling bin. 


I was very shocked and taken aback by the books’ heavy emphasis on Satanism.  This Satanic emphasis misrepresents Manson and ATWA.  The book states that Charlie was “friends” with Church of Satan founder Anton Levay, but in reality, Manson had only met Levay briefly.  At the most, they may have been mere acquaintances.  Satanists, attempting to claim Manson as one of their own, assert the philosophical similarities between Manson’s and Satanism.  In fact, Manson’s statements and views are just as akin to the philosophies of Christianity, Buddhism, Hindu, etc.  Charlie speaks of the “devil” no more or differently than he speaks of a God, Jesus, or Buddha.  In other words, it was bunk to misrepresent Manson in that way, especially considering the negative connotation society has toward Satanism.  The opinions relating to Satanism should only be taken as the opinions of the individual who speaks them, not as Manson’s. 

Contrary to what the book suggests, Manson does not believe himself to be the biological father of Matthew Roberts. 

“Manson Now”, while providing the public a never before seen truthful view of Manson through unedited transcription, and honest introspection on the part of the author, did not succeed in fully escaping the 40 year old media lies, for lo and behold, at the very end of the book, you will find the same old bullshit about the “Tate murders” mindlessly regurgitated.  I do not fault the author for this tastelessness.  I am aware of very unfair happenings around the process of creating this book.  There are numerous misprints in this book.  I hope to see that the second printing of this book will be more accurate.    


January 1st, 2011