"Charles Manson has no followers..." - continued quotes


“I don’t hold anything against Manson.  I wasn’t a kid that got manipulated.  I was just looking for sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll and to ride on a motorcycle. I was never a vicious person, but I was indifferent.  I wanted the immediate approval of the people I was with, and I didn’t care what they did.”

— Bruce McGregor Davis, 2010

(Source: The Tribune News)


“By the time I’d finished [cross-examining Watson], it was obvious to the jury that he was in complete command of his mental faculties and always had been. I tore to shreds his story that he was simply an unthinking zombie programmed by Charles Manson.”

  Vincent Bugliosi, Helter Skelter


“I didn’t push them people to do nothing. Them people did what they wanted to do. I didn’t make no one lay down for anything. If they didn’t want to lay down they didn’t lay down. I had a confederate sword and I hung it in the kitchen. I said “don’t lie. If you like this ranch don’t lie. If you lie, this sword might jump off and come get you.” But I didn’t have anything to do with directing traffic. I don’t know how many times, how many ways it can be said.”

Charles Manson, 1994

(Quote Source: Bill Murphy)


“He didn’t want to be a leader. He was interesting, he was self-contained, he was self-assured, he was enjoying his life. Oftentimes he would walk away from us. Our baggage and confusion was too much for him. He just had to get away and clear his mind. We got him where he is at. This is our trip that got him in prison.”

— Sandra Good, 1985


“That [Helter Skelter] was the prosecution’s theory because they wanted to get Manson into the act. They tried every trick in the book. Actually Hinman’s ear was never cut off- never gone. It was more that his cheek was sliced that intersected the edge of his ear and you can see it in his autopsy report. Bugliosi told the jury Manson cut his ear off, but it’s there in the autopsy [report]. You see the Sheriff’s Homocide Department wanted to get Manson involved with my case, which was very difficult because Manson was not involved.”

— Bobby BeauSoleil, 1981

(Source: OIU Magazine)



“Manson did not direct anything that went on at the ranch. He was, like he said, in our will. He did not ask that those murders be committed. He did not ask that anybody do this, that, or anything. He was in our will. Those murders were committed to get a brother, Bobby Beausoleil, out of jail. And we were young people, and we saw the need for social change in this country and we were willing to go to war to make the change to save our air, our trees, our water, and our animals."

- Sandra Good

(Quote via CourtTV interview)


Bugliosi: During this one to one-and-a-half year period on the bus were all of you girls Charlie’s girls, so to speak?

Susan Atkins: We were called Charlie’s girls, but Charlie often, in fact every day he told us, “You people do not belong to me, you belong to yourself.”

(Source: 1969 Grand Jury testimony)


“Let me tell you something about Sadie [Susan Atkins]; Sadie was always coming to me and saying, “Do you love me?” And I’d say, “Do you love you?” She would say, “Tell me you love me, do I look pretty?” And I’d say, “Tell yourself you look pretty.” Do I have to go around like a little puppy dog, saying, “Oh, you look good, oh, you sure look nice,” and all that bullshit? Accept yourself and be with yourself.”

Charles Manson, 1985

(Source: High Society)


“Those murders were never allowed to be explained. Manson and the women were never allowed to speak (in court). There is a whole lot about those murders that must be explained, there is much more to those murders than you have ever read about or heard about because Bugliosi would not allow any other story to be spoken about at the trial.”

— Sandra “Blue” Good, 1975


“It’s all been covered up by a district attorney who wanted to make money and make movies and write books. And everything that the public knows is basically a spin-off of the books and the lies that have been used to cover the reality of what you call the Manson Family.”

- Charles Manson

(Quote via Ron Reagan Jr. interview)