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Charlie Endures More Illegal Treatment

Mr. Manson has been singled out for cell searches and property confiscations, in an ongoing pattern of
illegal harrassment occuring over many years. Now he wants his property back.

A partial list of his property which has been taken and" locked up" by staff incudes the following: 1- broken guitar, hand-made in Spain, w/hard shell case. 1- Rosewood guitar,w/hard shell case. 12-or more- original Manson oil paintings. $800 worth of hobby materials, inks paints brushes etc. 1-$250 "boom box". 23- cd's. 1- set ear phones($150). 1-ionizer air machine ($300). 1- pair rayban sunglasses. 1- Levy denham jacket. 3- pants. 2- pr. Tennis shoes. 1- pr. custom made moccasins. 1- Blue bathrobe. 1-pr. dress shoes. several- personalized smoking pipes. several- misc. peices of jewelery, rings, necklaces etc. 1- bedspread. 3- quarterly packages, food clothing etc.


Today, 08/23/06, Captain Fields, I.S.U.(Internal Services Unit) stated via phone that he will interview
Mr. Manson in regards to the property being held in lock-up by CDC staff.

Also by phone, early last week, Captain Larry Gray, 4A facilities Capt., stated that he would talk to Mr.
Manson about the appeals process for getting his property returned. Captain Gray said that he would see
Manson during his appointed rounds. As of this writing we have no confirmation that Captain Gray has followed through on this matter.


On 08/23/06, Captain Larry Gray, 4A Facilities Capt. visited Mr. Manson and discussed with him the ways and means of resolving Charlies' property situation. The two men have evidently agreed on what steps should be taken to address the issues Mr. Manson is concerned about in regards to his conficated property. Captain Gray said he will initiate the process as per their discussion.


On 08/24/06, Captain Fields of ISU Corcoran, came to 4A4R tier and spoke with Mr. Manson about his confiscated propery. Capt. Fields brought an assistant with him. The men left Charlie with the promise they would begin searching for the key to open the locker containing his property.

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