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April 15, 2014

New prison art prints are now available at
These prints are made from original art donated by inmate artists held in the Security Housing Unit (SHU), "the hole" at Corcoran State Prison, CA.



March 22, 2014    Update

On March 20th, Charlie returned from the SHU (solitary confinement) to his regular unit.  His visiting privileges have been suspended for 90 days, followed by 90 days of only "no-contact" visits (behind glass for one hour).  No other information on this episode is available at this time.  We are very glad that he is out of the hole and that he seems to be doing fine.


March 17, 2014


My stars from Milky Way are Gold people, not English or Spanish; they are not people, but birds and animals and name themselves as ATWA, never ending nature of Earth of God. Themselves free from only what they want for their life on Earth.  ATWA – All The Way Alive – pray themselves in whatever tongue that makes [them] happy.

It’s just a dream.

Letter, March 2014


March 1, 2014

On Saturday February 22, Manson was moved to the SHU (Security Housing Unit, a.k.a. the hole) pending an initial disciplinary hearing which is scheduled for this Wednesday March 5th.  There are rumors concerning the situation, but no solid facts will be known until the administrative process has run it's course.

Being in the SHU means solitary confinement, no access to personal property, no telephone access, and visits are limited to behind glass for one hour.  You can still write to Manson at his normal address.


February 14, 2014 has been active on the world wide web for 12 years now.  Thank you to all who have helped, and to those who have voiced their support through the years.  Special thanks to WaterMan and Paul Johnson for their amazing tech support.

The Charles Manson Facebook and ATWA Facebook pages are our sister sites on the web.  The ATWA page features current information on air pollution, farming, animal rights, forest conditions, ocean health, ways to heal our planet, and more.  Be sure to check out the new ATWA  Visit for additional CM pics, music and information. 


Charlie and Star, photo 1-25-2014

















January 27, 2014    Interview with Croatia

Charles Manson responds to questions submitted by a Croatian journalist; January 2013 

How is it to be a celebrity prisoner?  How is it being famous in prison?

If there’s 20,000 men in the prison, there’s only 20,000 men that are going to know you.  So being famous doesn’t mean anything.

You could be the handball champion and be the most famous guy in prison.  Or you could work in the kitchen passing out the bread and everybody gets bread from your hands.  So in prison being famous doesn’t mean anything.  Everybody knows you anyway.  Just about everybody knows everybody.  All the cops know you -  they have your picture on the post.  Everybody sees you every day.  You live right there shoulder to shoulder with everyone.  You walk there with everyone on the yard, with everybody, you know? You go to church with everybody. Everybody’s right there.  So being famous in prison doesn’t mean anything.

Yea, you might be the boxing champion, and everybody in prison knows you because you box, or everybody knows you in prison because you sing on the Christmas show, or you play music in the band, maybe you work in the band or something, you know?  So being well-known doesn’t mean anything.

Through all the years within the prison routine, you’ve had the chance to do different things to pass the time; make small dolls, paint.  What kinds of paintings do you do? What do your paintings represent? What colors do you use?

I’m not much of an artist; I have to work with what I have. Whatever that is changes.  I may have a little “kiddie” set of paints, and that all might change and I may get some oils.  And then they may decide you can’t paint with oils and give you pastels. You know they just take away whatever…. the colors are still in motion, Grey and Red and Blues and Greens are in play now, with a little Yellow, you dig?

Is your correspondence censored, Mr. Manson?

Yea, I’m pretty sure that it is, yes.

Do you reply to your letters?

No – some of them.  ‘Depends on the time that I have.

What kind of people write to you?

A cross-section of the public.  The media mind, the social mind, the political mind, the criminal mind, people in prison, people out of prison.

How much of an opportunity do you have to be informed about what’s happening on the outside – do you follow the news, the stuff that’s going on in the world?

Well, see what that question is, is like you’re asking a question from what you think is the outside.  There’s a line, which side is out and which side is in?  What you think is outside is what you think is outside – that’s not necessarily outside. 

What do you think about American politics, and about having a black president?

The president is not black, he’s mixed blood. Black is the African’s black.

And what about American politics, the judicial system in America?  You said Obama is foolish and a slave of Wall street. Does it mean, maybe that money is over-valued?

A long time ago, there was a United States, created by the Constitution, George Washington, and his Army, the Sons of Liberty.  That was destroyed by Abraham Lincoln.  It was divided and conquered, because Europe didn’t want to accept a world economy in a round world.

When the world was discovered to be round, the rebirth and new order of the planet began.  The new order of the Earth was George Washington, ‘was a successful revolution. Lenin and Marx followed him, and then Mao followed that.  The whole world was in a revolution, as it is today. 

The revolution that is going is the proper order of life in a round world – in a round economy as opposed to the flat land, flat world of the lowlands.  The irony of the whole situation is, the Catholic Church didn’t accept the Protestant rebirth of the new world order in George Washington.

Can you help me understand your power – your notoriety….  your charisma?… from the beginning, your connection with rock music linked you with a pop culture, and the U.S. judicial system put you in prison for something that you didn’t do.    

Rock music came out of the prisons.  The prisons are the birthplace of much creative life that’s played off into the over-world and they call it charisma whenever it surfaces in the media, and the world sees convicts, outlaws, rebels – they see a reflection of the people that founded this establishment.  Like George Washington had charisma, or Adolf Hitler had charisma, or Joseph Stalin.  A lot of revolutionaries of the past were, in their day, considered outlaws.  The United States Navy was considered a pirate by the English Navy.  The English considered the United States government to be outlaws, rebels, rejects – until it was founded and became the United States. 

Hitler had charisma too, and a charismatic person could make anybody do anything they wanted… 

That’s not a criterion, you don’t know that.  How can you decide that? 

…that Hitler, by chance, succeeded to enter an Academy of painting, (which he desperately wanted), will probably be written in the history of the 20th century as another story.  That you probably…

How do you know that?  How can you say that Hitler was in your mind to want what you think? You don’t know what that man was thinking.  You don’t know what his circumstances were.

The truth is that men are dealing with situations beyond your concepts – and then you judge what they have to do, like Joseph Stalin. He saved Russia.  He fought and did what was supposed to be done. Then when he died, they made him into a tyrant.  He was no more a tyrant than he had to deal with what he had to deal with. 

Every person has situations that call for extreme. And that extreme doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what they wanted.  That’s what they had to do.  We’re gonna judge somebody else’s actions with low-life intelligent life-forms, who don’t understand the mass of people have always been wrong.  It’s the few that’s saved you, and kept you from your own destruction. 

There are rumors that Charles Manson was involved with the MK Ultra programs and also  Phoenix programs through prisons.

The what programs?  I don’t even know what that is.

A reference to the military involvement with the church of Satan?

Satan don’t have a church.  He is the church.  There is nobody but Satan- in Satan.

Why exactly the Tate-LaBianca murders? Why not other people?   

There was other people, you just didn’t see it. You didn’t see but what they showed you. They only showed you what they wanted to control you with.  You’re under control also.

Why did it happen?

It happened for a lot of reasons – the atmosphere is dying, they’re cutting down all the trees, foreign corporations have taken over the government.  There are whole countries that are moving in the United States.  The United States is so big, it’s unbelievable.  You see Germany and Japan were little teeny countries. The United States has 52 countries, 58 countries.  You could put Japan in California four or five times, you could put Germany in Indiana ten times, twelve times across the borders of Kentucky and Ohio.  That’s vast areas of humanity that’s so vast, you could put Europe in the United States.

If you were to get out, what would you do?

I’m already out, and I’m doing everything I can to save my life – my Air, my Water, my Trees, and my Life. 

The world has changed.  How would you handle it if you were to get out of prison?

I would turn all the people into animals.

“No sense makes sense”, how is that a reflection of your life?

The veils of stupid ignorance can’t understand a timeless abyss of human…  The Vikings had boats that you row with oars.  Those row boats were rowed across the ocean into the Americas – long before the windjammers and the sailboats were even invented.  There were Vikings that were in America.  America was here five, six hundred, maybe a thousand, two thousand years before anybody else got here.  When the sailboats came, there was Vikings, they called them Indians.  They weren’t Indians – Indians are from India. There’s no Indians in America, that’s a mistake that some Italian made in Rome, because nothing was invented or found or discovered unless the Pope gave permission.  People have forgot, man, that there’s a million years here. Not just twenty thousand years because the Pope said so. 

There is an impression that you have a high opinion of yourself – what is the other side of the coin?

There’s no self.  Self is a game your mother plays.

Your childhood ?

‘Didn’t have one.

Picasso said  “It takes a lot of time for someone to become young”.

Yea certainly.  It’s wasted on babies. 

What about your children?

They’re all my children.

What about love, woman, womanizing?

I love earth, is a woman.

The question arises, who was in fact the person you really loved?

Me.  It’s inside of me that I love.  How else could I love anyone else unless it’s inside of me? 

Ok, you don’t regret anything.  But from today’s point of view, with this experience, if you could, would you change something?

Change everything.  Every day I change everything

Almost all of those who were around you, from your childhood until later, have become or are in prison. 

Persecution goes with the change.  Persecution goes with the territory of change.  Change is the most important thing that you have. You’re not changing  fast enough. 

Woodstock, flower children, Vietnam, sex drugs and rock n’ roll.  What is your philosophy on the  apocalypse? 

It’s happening now, every day. 

It was real Helter Skelter.

It’s been going on.

Who knows what the Beatles were thinking for using their song for another scenery?

That’s the District Attorney’s idea about the Beatles. That wasn’t my idea about the Beatles. The Beatles were a rock ‘n roll band, that’s all that was. 

Life is perhaps a foolish game.  Now what do you think?  Do you feel more lonely now, or then, when you were the mental leader and home of younger and lost people?

I don’t have no lonely, and I don’t know no lost people. 

You said, “give me my rights” –  to understand you better, what kind of rights do you want and how?

George Washington and the Sons of Liberty fought a revolution for everyone to be exactly what the constitution says; Equality for everyone.  Everyone has the right to live their lives.  No one man has the right to take away from any other man, unless that man be God. 

Who do you blame – bureaucracy, American government, system of law, or Charles Manson?

I don’t blame.  That’s a stupid word, man.  I don’t blame.  There’s nobody to blame but one’s own ideas and concepts.

What do you think about your life now?

It’s all life now.


Charles Manson, January 2013


Photo January 26, 2014


January 13, 2014    

A sincere New Year's thank you to the "X-Men" of Corcoran Prison for their on-going help with answering Charlie's mail. The X-Men have helped Charlie respond to many of the inquiries he receives concerning ATWA, his music, fame, and so forth. 
We appreciate their efforts!


                          John G and Mickens ("Irish")


December 10, 2013    Concerning Charles Manson: Letter from a member of the US Armed Forces

As I have grown older, I have come to understand the media for what it really is…sensationalistic journalism designed to titillate it's viewers.  A prime example is the Geraldo Rivera special "Murder: Live from Death Row" that aired on national television in 1988.  It is available on YouTube, so I urge you to watch it.  Then, compare the actual television program, specifically Geraldo interviewing Charles Manson, to his entire and unedited interview of Manson, which is also available on YouTube.  You will see what I mean.  Geraldo cuts and splices the interview so that Manson's words are taken out of context and used against him.

Let me be clear about something….He is a criminal and has done some very bad things in his life.  BUT being a petty criminal, and mastermind of the most heinous crime in U.S. history, are two very different things.  I won't try to explain what I mean by that here, but I suggest doing your own research.  The cards were completely stacked against him from birth, yet he has persevered.  He is very unusual and definitely marches to the beat of a different drum.  But I can assure you he is not the "Most Dangerous Man Alive" or the devil, re-incarnated. 

I know this because I have gotten to know him on a very personal level over the last four years.  As a service member stationed in Afghanistan in 2009, I began writing to him because I wanted to see for myself what he was "really" like... not the typical news coverage designed to scare old ladies and increase network ratings.  Through phone calls and letters, I have learned that he is nothing like what we have been led to believe over the last forty-four years. 

Besides what you THINK you might know about him, I can also tell you that he has a huge admiration and respect for the military.  He befriended me and gave many thanks for what I do to serve our country.  He cares about what is happening to the country and to the world.  He has a positive message, if you will just listen.  Being raised in institutions, he has spent most of his life in solitary confinement.  That being said, his perception of reality is completely different from ours.  You need to understand that from the onset.  He doesn't speak in a language or dialect that we are used to hearing.  He speaks almost entirely with figurative language to illustrate his points and most of us aren't used to that.  He is wise beyond his years and also very intelligent.  Open your ears and open your mind and you will be surprised at what you will hear.



December 3, 2013

If you could get everybody that’s watching football, basketball, and baseball, to accept the truth in words, and you tell all those people a simple message – that if you don’t start planting and putting back into the earth everything that you’ve taken from it, you’re all going to die and perish in a cruel terrible way, forever. It’s not complicated.

The truth is that you’re not going to get anything unless you pay for it.  You’re getting away with the bounty of all those sacrifices that your army and your soldiers made for you.  The only ones that are worth anything is the soldiers, because they serve their God, and they give their lives for that. 

You have a chance to be reborn.  That means start over - all over.  If you don’t start it all over, you’re gonna have nothing left.  And you don’t have no time, you’ve wasted it all. 

Zezo Zeze Zadfrack. 

Listen to recording 


November 24, 2013    Charles Manson On the Latest Media Hype 

Your perspectives are off-base.  This marriage is far less important than Air Trees Water, and Animals.  We're running out of water.  We're constantly polluting the air that we breathe.  We're destroying the very thing our life is dependent upon (all life is one life). 

The marriage of true minds - like Shakespeare said.  We're marrying in ATWA.  The air and the water is our spirit, the trees and the animals are our flesh and blood.

Charles Manson, November 24, 2013


Charlie and Star, 11-24-2013



You’ve got to stop warring against air. Your sin is against yourself, ‘is your sin against air. Air is all you’ve got. If you’re making money to sell your air, you’re selling your own life. You’re buying and selling your own life to destruction. That system that you say that I’m not good, that I’m a danger to, I might be a danger to your stupidity and I’m a danger to your ignorance, but I’m not a danger to intelligent life forms. I’m not a danger to the people who want to exist on the planet. I’m not a danger to farmers, I’m not a danger to poor people, I’m not a danger to soldiers who don’t want to hurt nobody, who don’t wanna go to war, but who’s forced into war by the bureaucrats who want to destroy themselves.

- Charles Manson, 2011 (Vanity Fair Spain interview)



November 20, 2013

Put that on [the website], say, we must be saying something, because all these people are so jealous that they can’t seem to keep their hate to themselves.  They wanna hate what they don’t understand.  If they can’t understand it, that’s not [our] fault.  Yea, that’s actually a witness for you.  You know, we must be saying something [right] because we wouldn’t have all these people against us if we wasn’t.  They’re all jealous.  They’re ganging up on somebody, why are they ganging up on it?  Well, we’ve always been at the bottom, there ain’t nobody helped me. 

If you look at, the only thing that’s made me famous is the people that are against me.  The people that talk shit about me are the ones that made me into who I am.  If it wasn’t for that lying-ass district attorney, I would have never been “Charlie Manson”.  He made “the family”.  He made it with his bullshit.  He made it with all them filthy fuckin’ lies he told in the courtroom.  That’s the kind of people you’re dealing with.  They think to discredit you is gonna make them better.  They think they wanna build their dream on the destruction of your dream.  The only thing they got going is, to down somebody else – they have nothing going, they just wanna keep somebody else from making it.  They don’t wanna make it; they wanna stop somebody else from making it because they can’t make it.  They can’t make it unless they feed on somebody else.  Look at everything they’re doing. 

That’s what this person said to me when I mentioned a similar thing to them about what people were doing to me, and he said he can’t understand why people want to talk bad about me, “because of you there’s a song in my heart, because of you this romance had its start – because of you the sun will shine, the moon and stars will say you’re mine, forever…”  You know, they wanna be down on the very same person that they’re feeding on.  It don’t make no sense at all. 

Charles Manson

(Phone call transcription)


November 12, 2013

We would like to express our heart-felt thanks and appreciation to all the people who sent donations to the Charles Manson Legal Trust.  As of today, your donations to CMLT in support of Charlie’s package total $435. 

Your support has helped us to purchase a great 4th quarter package for Charlie.  These quarterly packages give an important health and nutritional boost for men who are confined and provided a terribly inadequate diet.


(Photo taken 11-9-2013)



November 11, 2013    Happy 79th Birthday Charlie!  11-11-1934


(Charlie, Star, and Black Wolf in the visiting room, November 9, 2013)






Appreciation and respect to all veterans, soldiers, and their families. 



November 8, 2013    Memo From Manson

They're trying to get me to see a doctor.  It's a bunch of bullshit. 

They just come over from 'Frisco [saying] that the air's all dying and the water's getting so polluted they can't drink it.  So yeah, everything we said is coming true.  These fuckin' assholes don't wanna listen to the truth about anything, man.  They wanna force their bullshit over on somebody else.  Lying double-dealing fake phonies. 

You know, if it's not in the movies they can't understand it – isn't that weird?  You gotta make a movie about it before they can.  And then they cut the interviews off… so they could sing… worthless pieces of dog shit. 

Put it up on the wire:  They just can't seem to leave me alone.  They wanna play-act like I'm dead.   Haha, I've been doing that for 65 years.

Charles Manson

November 7, 2013 
(transcribed from phone call)


November 8, 2013    Report

Unhealthy conditions of confinement:

Living conditions in the PHU aggravate the health problems of inmates.  The air is consistently polluted by concrete dust from the unpainted concrete block walls.  There are also pervasive chemical fumes from floor strippers, pesticides and toxic cleaners.  Dust and debris from the outside air is pumped in through dirty and neglected ventilation ducts. 

Despite numerous written requests and a doctor’s prescription, Manson is being denied clearance for an air purifier. 

Ignoring obvious nutritional deficiencies in the prison diet, doctors and medical staff routinely deny Manson’s requests for normal treatment options.  Conflicting information has been presented to Manson by medical staff, and “No” is their safe and standard answer for common sense solutions. 

Mailroom Fail:

Prison mailroom staff members are once again failing to process and deliver Manson’s mail in a fair and timely manner.  Incoming mail for Charlie has come up missing, and the mail that he does receive is being delivered in bunches of six to ten letters, followed by a lapse of several or more days with no mail at all. 

Dozens of envelopes are marked with yellow “refusal slips”, meaning the mail has been kept from Manson for “internal rules violations”.  There is no transparent over-sight of this punitive process.  Portions of Charlie’s outgoing mail are also being stolen or destroyed, and the entire mail stream is so slow that it often takes 30 days or more for mail going either way to be delivered.

Inmates in other units of the prison also report that their mail stream is marred by severe slowdowns and missing mail.



The -Release Charles Manson Now- Project

The goal of this project is to obtain letters from every Manson supporter in the world.

This is an important show of support that will be presented to the State of California and to the World.

We need every person to participate in order to collect one hundred thousand letters or more.

It is time to show our numbers!

Please visit

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