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Q. Are you associated with the people who used to run the web site?

Q. What was the real reason Manson killed all those people?
This question is the result of one of the most enduring and inaccurate myths about Manson. In California, in August of 1969, there were two events in which multiple murders occurred. They have become known as the "Tate-LaBianca" murders. Those accused of the crimes were arrested, tried and convicted (less one, who was given immunity in exchange for her testimony against the others), and have been in prison ever since. But Charles Manson never killed any of the "Tate-LaBianca" victims. He was never even accused of killing them. He was convicted in CA state court of "conspiracy" to commit murder, although the court characterizes his sentence as "first degree murder". Despite these facts, the corporate media continues to label CM as a "mass murderer" and "serial killer". 

Q. What does ATWA stand for?
Air, Trees, Water, Animals. (and - All The Way Alive -) 

Q. Can you put me in touch with.....?
People often ask us for the addresses of persons who may have been associated with Manson in the past.  No, we cannot provide the addresses of anyone.

Q. How can I write to Charles Manson?   See the Contact Page.

Q. Can I send Manson a ...(whatever)...?  Manson cannot receive items except through an approved prison vendor or through the in-prison commissary/canteen. Purchases must be pre-approved by the prison. Please do not send items unless you have pre-approval- they will only be returned, refused by the prison, or destroyed.

Q. How can I get Manson's autograph?
You can't get his autograph. He is an inmate in a prison, not an entertainer. He does not sell or hand out autographs.

Q. Can I send Manson some money?
Inmates at CSP-Corcoran are permitted to receive money via money orders sent to the inmate by mail. The amount of the money order is then added to the inmate's prison account. This account can be used by the inmate to purchase items from the prison canteen and make permissible, special-purchases from CDC-approved vendors. Money can also be sent to the inmates account via  See Contact Page for Manson's CDC number and mailing address.

Q. Can you help me get a visit with Manson?

Q. I wrote to Manson but he never replied, why not?                                                                                          There may be several reasons...Facts: Over the years CM has received an overwhelming volume of mail and he has necessarily become very selective of whom he answers. He still receives lots of mail and he does not have the time to answer it all. The mail delivery system inside CSP-Corcoran leaves a lot to be desired, so your mail may not have actually been delivered to CM.

Q. I wrote a letter to Manson but got a reply from someone else, why?
Use Caution. There are many ways your name and address can get into the hands of other inmates. Manson has been the victim of more theft of property than any other inmate in PHU. An inmate may steal a letter, then write to you claiming to be a friend of Manson.  This is may or may not  be the case- use caution; at some point they may begin to ask you for money or gifts.  Advisory: If you do undertake correspondence with an inmate who writes to you unexpectedly, employees at the prison may assume you are trying to engage in an illegal business enterprise, or some other back door access to Manson, and they may create a written record of your information. All incoming mail is opened and examined before being given to the inmate, copies may be made by employees, and your information can be retained.

Q. Why do you glorify Manson?
We do not glorify anyone. We simply offer photos, facts and updates.

Q. Do you accept donations to help with the website?
We do not accept donations to help with this website, however there is a prisoner support Trust fund for Manson.  Donations by check or money order made out to "Charles Manson Legal Trust" are accepted at this address:
CMLT  P.O. Box 1000  Corcoran, CA  93212



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