The Savior


Seed Distributor – Restoration Method


The Savior is a seed gun, an invention of Mansons’.  His vision is to turn all of our efforts as a human society toward “war on pollution, war on the problem - not war on life”.  It utilizes “seed balls” made from clay, compost, and seeds to help restore damaged areas.  Re-seeding the land by use of projectiles, such as paintball markers and/or other instruments, makes it possible to cover more ground in a shorter amount of time. 


Once the seed ball is at rest at its destination, it will weather away in the rains, exposing the seeds to the ground and sunlight, much like the way bird droppings seed the ground to perpetuate the plants previously eaten by the bird.


This concept has developed slowly over many years. Research has been done, projectiles have been tested, and seed ball recipes are being evaluated for highest efficiency. Future research for this project includes gathering information about which native plants/seeds will be appropriate for use in different areas world-wide.


The Savior is not a patented invention, but more so an idea to be developed and spread.  ATWA aims to spread the action of natural land redemption to organizations such as 4H clubs, boy scouts, schools, etc., as well as to inform other ecology groups, and individuals.  Overall, the goal of this important part of ATWA is to get the people of Earth planting seeds, planting trees, and restoring our planet to its proper condition. Donations have been/will be taken to support further research and continuation of this project.


Manson on the Savior Project:


> We must rearrange, and I per say, particularly, think that ATWA can direct the war. You can’t stop it, but you can direct it, you can redirect the war to the problem.

> The problem is our green, seaweeds, the pollution in the ocean. We’ve farmed off everything. We’ve tore up all the natural and put our artificial in place. We must work with the Savior. The Savior Project puts everyone in the army. Everyone’s in the conservation corps, everyone’s a civilian soldier. Civilian-soldiers in a civilian-soldier book, that must speak to and work with all situations that have anything to do with not letting the land be opened up and left open. You must close land with something growing on it. There’s got to be no space that’s not growing something. You’ve got to put everything you can plant into the Savior Project. Put all your money in the savior project. Put all your forces and all your energies, and everything you’ve got into the Savior Project. The Savior Project is the book you should write. The Savior Project should show you that you are the enemy.

> You are the enemy on the planet Earth. I am the enemy on the planet Earth. I’m polluting the ground with toothpaste. I’m polluting the earth with mouth wash. I’m polluting the waters with soap, with bleach, with hair dye. I’m polluting… everything I touch is polluting.

> ....The birth of life on the planet has got to be green, it’s got to come through the bushes, got to come through the trees, it has got to come through the seaweeds and the fish, the birds, the bees. Your bumble bees are dying. Your trees are being warred upon.

> .....Everything that you do, you must, you must, You must, you must. You must realize that there is no one else here but you. Nobody else cares about you. You could die a thousand times and people would step over your body. Realize that you’re the only one there is, that without you doing it, that nobody else is going to do it. Without you picking it up and carrying it, nobody else is going to carry it. You’ve got to carry it.

- Charles Manson, January 2011